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We keep an inventory of 25 to 35 floggers on hand, plus we always have some in process. If you don't see exactly what you want here, please just call or email us about what you DO want, and we will be happy to create a flogger just for you. Usually we can get one into production right away; we truly are full-time, professional flogger artisans, and unlike most other floggermakers, we keep many types and colors of leather hides in stock, ready to go. There is no need for you to wait  weeks for delivery. There are certain times of the year when some hides are not available, anywhere, until the next season of tanning is done by the tanneries.

 If we don't answer our phone, it doesn't mean we aren't here!  We usually ARE around here somewhere... We have many Summer outdoor chores to do when weather permits: mowing and watering herbs or flowers, a few small indoor projects; and sometimes we just have to let the machine take your call. However, if you leave your contact info for us, we WILL call you back as soon as we can, usually within an hour or less. If you would like to make a phone appointment for us to call you back at a specific time, please include that in your message. Same goes for email inquiries: we ARE here and check our email very often, almost 24/7, in fact! You can shop around online at other flogger websites, yes, but you can end up waiting days or even weeks, for many other makers to reply to you (and return your phone call).

We prefer to ship via USPS Priority Mail, but can ship via other carriers.  Priority mail is fast and reasonable for floggers.  We always ship as soon as possible.

We have posted NEW flogger pics as of 6/21/2014! More to come, we have them in production now!

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This short black elk, is a very nice flogger for close up play, pink parts play, and gentler sensation compared to a 20 inch long flogger. Smells great, sensual sensation, and perfect for beginners or use in a small space.
1B A beautiful short black elk pair for florentine use. Each has a generous bundle of Fifty One 16-inch long elk tails! Our regular elks have about 41 tails, so these are a bit moppy by comparison. 4 color  handle and wrist loop of bronze, silver, gold, and pewter metallic finish.     $270
This is one handsome pair of suede floggers that are specially weighted for Florentine use. Not too heavy for your off hand. Black and purple checkerboard handle pattern. 20 inch long black and purple tails in the flame pattern.
A  nice pair of suede floggers with oxblood and black, four square handle pattern, 20 inch long tails in flame pattern.  The oxblood dominates the handle, the black is the accent color.
This is a pretty silver, hot pink ,and black random zig zag handled 16 inch long elk flogger. Gentle but not too gentle sensation, sensual, easy to throw, and great for smaller play space. Pink parts friendly!
This pair of all-black Italian Waterbison floggers are beautiful to the eyes and the skin. Lovely sensation of medium thud and medium sting depending your throw: smells great, too. Balanced specially for florentine use. Not too heavy for your off hand. I irregular herringbone handles. $340. SOLD
All-black, heavy/thick bullhide flogger with 16 inch long tails; has an irregular herringbone patterned handle. Beautiful grain and finish on the hide, very nice quality leather, glossy and pebble textured. Smells so nice, like good leather should!
6 This a really nice aqua kangaroo cat. The zig zag handle pattern is clean and attractive in appearance, and the tail color braiding is lovely along with the terminal knots and 3" fringe. The overall length of the 9 tails is approximately 22 inches long, although they are easy to control and will fly in a cohesive bundle.
7   Our famous white doe flogger with a patinaed brass handle, metallic gold  leather knots and white wrist loop.  Sensual, gorgeous, and luscious, this gentle flogger never hurts, is perfect for special occasions, as a gift,  or for collaring ceremonies. The handle surface is sealed, each one is unique, created by us. $165. We have 1 more in production, inquire!
8  This a very nice baby or thin, bison hide on a handle done in silver and black in our bird's eye pattern. the tails are 20 inches long and it's a generous bundle of tail. Baby bion is extremely thuddy, with no sting at all. One of our favorite types of leather, nice to fondle and smells really good.
A beautiful, red-tailed bullhide flogger, 20 inch long tails, red and black checkerboard patterned handle. Superb quality hide, lovely finish and grain pattern, perfect for any toybag or collection. Thuddy with sting.
A beautiful waterbison leather flogger with a gold and black mixed zig zag patterned handle with 5/8ths inch wide, 20 inch long tails.  Gorgeous tails of high quality hide from Italy, sensuous feel, a really special flogger.
Navy and black Four Square pattern handle with 75 navy and black,1/8th/3mm wide strands.  Each tip is cut to a diagonal point. All kangaroo leather, high quality with Pure Sting sensation.  Intense.
12  This is a really nice forest green and black handle done in our random zig zag pattern.  20 inch long tails. This bullhide is extremely good quality, and it is heavy thud with sting. Great for your bottom or submissive when intense senation is needed.
13 A nice purple, black and gold 4 square handle pattern with waterbison tails.  A generous bundle of 20 inch long tails, make for a nice medium thump and light sting sensation.
 Good for using in the middle of your scene,  or for a medium cool down after a heavy scene. Special price: $160.
Deep yellow and black outline diamonds handle pattern, black tails, 20 inches long. Medium heavy cowhide, will give very good thud, some sting, versatile, mid-scene use.
Aqua and black checkerboard handled, black bullhide tails, 20 inches long. Beautiful leather, very thick and dense, the sensation of this flogger is best for advanced players seeking maximum intensity. Deepest thud, but lots of sting. Will leave marks.
WAS $185, NOW $160!
16  This a truly beautiful jade green and black, four square handle pattern with fantastic ,high quality 20 inch long moose tails. We are almost out of moose hide, and no more is available, anywhere in North America. The moose populations is threatened, so finding it is rare indeed.
A nice little deer mop flogger. Lots of 16 inch long tails to make a generous bundle of super-soft, luscious pleasure. Great for intimate use on pink parts. Very gentle.  $160.
 18  Deep golden yellow narrow/wide black chevron handle and gorgeous black waterbison tails, cut 20 inches long. A very nice flogger, it's made from beautiful Italian leather, medium deep sensation with some thud/sting. Excellent for use in mid-scene and a bit beyond, lots of people like this one.  $175.
19 A really nice waterbison tailed flogger with golden tan and black bird's eye handle pattern. 20 inch long tails are easy to control and deliver a medium sensation with some thud and some sting.  Best for use in mid-scene, unless your bottom/submissive likes more intense play sooner. Sensation varies by how hard you throw it. $165.  SOLD
20  This really lovely red and black lambskin flogger, has 16 inch long tails. With a red and black bird's eye handle pattern, combined with soft, luxurious, sensual tails, this one is a very nice. addition to any toybag. Best for Pink Parts,  gentle play, cool downs, and submissives who don't want intense flogging play.
$165. SOLD
Purple and black triple diamond handle pattern with softer, black bison tails 20 inches long. Beautiful leather, super-nice grain pattern, thuddy with some sting. Use in mid to late scene, some endorphins needed. Lovely!
16-inch long tails on this moose flogger. Lighter thud sensation here, easy to throw and control, the handle is done in silver and black Four Square pattern with matching wristloop. Sensual, versatile, also good on pink parts when a deeper but non-stinging sensation is wanted. $150. SOLD
23  This made from a heavy cowhide, with high quality, smooth topside leather tails,. 43 tails, 23 inches long, will deliver strong, intense sensation, heavy thud, but not the same as bullhide. Use towards the end of your scene, when your bottom is all warmed up.

25  Medium heavy-weight bullhide tails on this 4/8 zig zag handle done in red and black. This is a heavier flogger for use later in a scene, when you want strong sensation. Big, deep thud with some sting, 23-inch long tails. 

Beautiful tri-color moose flogger with 20 inch long tails.  The handle is black, oxblood and gray done in our zig zag handle pattern. All black tails, made of luscious , sweet moose hide with excellent finish and super sensation. A useful addition to any toybag.
28   This superior, beautiful, deerhide flogger has 20" long tails and Outline Diamonds handle pattern, both done in aqua and black. Approx. 60 tails,  for deeper yet still soft thud. Softer than elk, sensuous, this is a really gorgeous  addition to any flogger collection.
$215.  SOLD
This is a nice pair of all-black elk floggers, weighted for florentine throwing. 20 inch long tails, not too heavy for your off hand. the hide is very thick and plush, sensuous, thuddy with just a touch of sting.
$310.  SOLD
This elk flogger has 16 inch long, black tails. The handle is black and white checkerboard. Nice thick elk leather tails, caresses the skin, light thud with some sting, great for smaller play spaces and is easy to control.
$145. SOLD
34   This nice elk flogger features a zig zag handle done in hot pink, powder pink, and black. 20 inch long tails. Nice elk hide, nice grain pattern, sensuous, caresses, light thud with a touch of sting, a generous bundle of tails. This would be a very nice gift for a deserving Mistress or the wonderful lady in your life.  $165.
This is a beautiful blonde, Palomino horsehair flogger. The horsehair itself is 23 inches long, and is natural color. The handle is our larger size, and the hair is a half-pound worth. The senation is scratchy,along with a good thump from the heavy hair.
$160. SOLD

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