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Our philosophy is not how to do it cheaper, but how can we do it better. We value traditional qualities, but don't hold them as gospel. After making a few thousand floggers you're bound to find out the better ways of doing things. We think having a few thousand under our belts gives you, the consumer, a level of confidence and trust that you will receive professional service from us.

As our largest hide supplier said of us, we've never bitched about price, only about quality. And quality is the reason we only buy leather grown and tanned in North America, Europe and Scandinavia. We do not use Third World leather for a number of reasons, among them human rights violations and ecological pollution, and poorer quality.

We can cut heavier hides, and soft, thin, stretchy ones, to a quality unmatched by other methods; this is accomplished by some pretty sophisticated machinery that we had custom built for us.

Since we stock thousands of square feet of hide we don't need to shop for a hide to make your order. We can put you into production immediately (assuming we aren't on the road at an event). Whatever hide you want, we most likely have it on hand. We may already have a flogger made and in stock that matches your order, ready for immediate shipment. We keep over 100 on hand. We buy large quantities of hide so we can control color, consistency, and other specifications like dye penetration.

When we balance or weight the flogger, we consider not only static balance, but dynamic balance. Our static balance point is right above the lower knot. Our dynamic balance point is the lower quarter part of the hand grip, about where your forefinger would normally be. This insures a comfortable grip and ease of use.

During our initial design analysis we retained a physicist from UCLA to advise us on inertia and balance. His help has greatly assisted us in developing balance points for special needs like small hands or shoulder injuries and the like.

We have used kangaroo for our handles and knots for years now. We were the first to offer it to you, the customer, in numerous colors and at a decent price. It is 4 times stronger than cow hide, and is the Cadillac of leathers for braiding. We offer handles done in 12 to 24 plaits, or strands of braiding. 12 is standard.

When assessing the sting of a flogger, you can judge by the edge of the leather how it will feel. Sting is not created by the shape the tail tips are cut in. This is a common misconception. Elk and deer are thuddy without sting because they have a soft edge. Buffalo, and even more so bullhide, have sting because they have a hard edge to the leather. Our kangaroo stingers pack the most sting of any flogger available, because it has such a hard, thin edge to it. Kangaroo suede, conversely, is the softest, thinnest leather you can have for a flogger. Yet it is strong because it is kangaroo.

We have some general recommendations about colors and color combinations in floggers. Historically there has been an unwritten leather rule against combining brown and black. Now, if you like brown and black together, go ahead and use them, but be warned, the braiding patterns will barely show, and to be honest, combining dark brown with black is downright ugly. Generally, chocolate tails go best with chocolate/brandy or chestnut handle and knots, and black tails tend to go best with black in the handle and knots. The only brown we tend to use with black is whisky, as it is a nice color contrast. We also generally use dark brown and black for the knots. Lighter colors don't look so hot as knots. we want you to have a beautiful flogger or whip, and we will offer our sincere advice when we are worried about a color combination. But if you have something specific in mind, we'll certainly do as you wish. Our goal is for you to have a beautiful flogger. Plain and simple.

I will continue to contribute to this page as time goes on. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, we'd like to hear from you. We may even add your topic to this page.

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