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Kangaroo Cats:

Kangaroo cats, left: purple/black, right: aqua/black

Kangaroo is the Cadillac of leathers, and braided into tails it's even better! Easily controlled, this cat o nine has a wide range in handle, from feather light to harsh enough to take down the heaviest bottom. From top to bottom it's 100% kangaroo.

roan cat o nine $250 your choice of colors and handle style.

Flat-Braided Cats:

Bullhide or Buffalo Flat Cats

Buffalo and Bullhide Flat Cats are super! Slappy, supple, nasty, mean and sadistic, these cats are a lot of fun to hurt someone with! Large-diameter handle only, easier to control than latigo, every Top should have one for those pesky bottom-less bottoms! Don't throw your shoulder out wailing on them til you drop, this is a "yes-bull" situation! Get nasty!

$175 Your choice of color and handle braid pattern, black tails only!

Round-braided Cow Cats:

cow cat o nineWe make our round-braided cat o nines from 3 oz black cowhide. They are approx 20-22 inches long, so any top can use them with excellent control. Soft to medium-hard sensations, depending on the force you use, it can be used throughout an entire scene. It is versatile, and not real heavy on your hand - it won't tire you out with excess weight if you do power blows. The sensation also varies with how far you stand from your floggee; step in closer and hit with more than just the leaf tips for a stronger sensation, step further back and hit with just the tips for a softer feel.

$185, smaller 7/8-inch handle size only.

For handle pattern and color choices go to Handles and Colors

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