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This is where we announce the most recent changes to our web site and the latest Happy Tails News. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first. We'll also post news of upcoming events, current hide buys, what we're up to, and etc. We update this page about once a fortnight, and the remaining pages on this site as needed.

 As of January 11th, 2014...

We have so far survived the arctic vortex of cold that came our way early last week. Having to be outside when it is -56  (minus 20˚ F  without the windchill) was unreal. Nothing works right at that cold temperature, including the human body. Since then, we had a day or so of almost "balmy" weather at above zero temperatures! Yesterday it rained and now it has frozen as ice all over the trees and created a hard crust on the snow.

While we are indoors escaping the nasty Winter weather outdoors, we are excited to announce that we are working on a new website for Happy Tails, one that is responsive to the screen size of the mobile device you are using, be it tablet, smartphone, your  Kindle, and your desktop. Some things in this new method are new to me, but hopefully within a week I will have it ready to go. It will have dropdown menus and take fewer clicks to get to the page you want. We hope these improvements will make your shopping with us a more enjoyable experience. Stay Tuned for better flogger shopping!!!

We have been adding really nice, new flogger photos every few days to the In Stock page, newer floggers are usually toward the end of the page, so be sure to scroll to the end of the flogger  listings. We also have some floggers in process that may be suitable for you, just ask.

We have  a small amount of fabulous moose hides left, some European Red Deer hides,  fine waterbuffalo hides, and Italian couture cowhides available, if you want something special. We have new elk on hand, in black only, that is of excellent quality, plus we have a limited amount of chocolate elk on hand as well.  If you think you want a deer flogger, you may want to choose the Red Deer hide for your tails, since it is such a rare commodity; it costs a bit more, but will be a wonderful addition to any collection, and is certainly different than any other deer you can buy.

We have some kangaroo hides for flogger tails. Not many, but we are happy to offer them while we still have them on hand. First come, first served.  All are black.  They vary somewhat in weight and temper, so offer some variation in sensation, but are generally pretty lightweight.

May of 2013 was our 16th anniversary in business, and 15 years on the web. We are the proud leading and oldest continuous producer of high quality  floggers in the world, and you won't find finer construction or materials anywhere else! We believe you should be able to clearly see all the photographic details of our products, and not cartoonish shopping cart ones that hide defects and poor workmanship, when you are making an expensive purchase decision.  What we make and ship to you is the same as what you see on our website, in every detailed way. We have nothing to hide from you. We don't show you something nice online and then send you a piece of junk, a dead animal on a stick, instead. We are professionals who work full-time making floggers 7 days a week,  we keep most leathers in stock and on hand, and we own a  25 ton clicker die press  in our large workshop to cut our tails with exacting precision, unlike anybody else, ever. We can easily and precisely cut thick, thin, or stretchy hides that others can't do, and we can do it exactly when we need/want to, without any wait time. Unlike all the hobbiest makers who will make you wait days or weeks for any response, we actually answer our phone when you call,  we promptly return missed calls if you leave us a message, and we rapidly respond to your emails!  

As of Jan 11th, 2012, we moved to a new, larger, and faster server, for your convenience. Our pages should load faster for you, and we can post more photos for you to see.

 We aren't travelling, so we can't show you our wares in person. We keep a stock of floggers on hand, and want you to be able to see them, so look on the In Stock page for them. These can ship immediately upon payment.  None are seconds or rejects, and this is not a special sale. I have posted pics and descriptions of 25 floggers (currently), but if you need more details on any of them, please email or call us and we can get you the information you need, or more photos.

We have the hide on hand to build one white angora goat flogger with curling white fleece. No more is available at this time, the Lady Farmer who supplied us died suddenly, and the herd was dispersed.

Just so you know,  over the years, some current whip and flogger makers have stolen some of our photos and text on this website for their own use,  so if you see something identical to ours, or very similar to ours, on other makers' sites (not retail stores), you're being given the old bait and switch routine; also, be aware that not everything you see and read on the web is true these days.  There are a lot of crap floggers and whips out there for sale, and they want to hide that fact from you.  We are not a factory, either, like some people like to think. We make everything we sell ourselves, with our own 4 hands. So if you shop other flogger websites, make the comparison with us, the leaders, 'cuz we feel confident you will easily see and experience the difference in quality and service we give our customers!  We are the company all the rest have been copying, ever since we began, from photos, text, website design and product names! Don't you want the original, good stuff, and not a cheap, crappy knock-off?

As of July 2008 - We have moved! From California to Iowa. Yes, it is a long ways to move! We now usually ship Priority Mail, but we CAN do UPS, if you prefer. (USPS is cheaper). We still answer email promptly. Our new phone number is  +1-563-823-8663, 8am to 8pm in the Central Time Zone. Our wonderful leather sources haven't changed with this move, we left behind trained people to hand-choose our hides for us, plus we have acquired some new suppliers who have better quality in some hides. Price of materials has never been an issue with us; the kangaroo leather we use in the handles is very costly, so why ruin it with cheap crappy hides for the tails, eh? 

In an effort to fight the huge amount of spam we're getting at our order email account, we have eliminated all hyperlinks with email addresses that roving spiders can read on this website.  We use Javascript now to prevent them, so it's seamless for you, the customer. Our contact address is on every page, like it was before. If you're not web savvy, there are robot spiders out there that crawl the web harvesting email addresses for spam makers, from web sites like this one. We can't tighten our spam filters or we won't get your email! So this is the only solution.

The Fancy Flogger page is  a showcase of our high-plait handles, and mops and bashers. It is listed on the Flogger Menu page.

If you own  fiber animals and want to trade for a flogger, I am seeking: FIBERS. I am a expert handspinner (I make handspun yarns on spinning wheels and spindles) of 25 years, and I'm looking for spinnable fibers these days. I will trade (give credit) for spinning fibers from the following list: Angora Rabbit fiber - Satin, French, English, Giant, and German breeds. Various colors and white.  Mohair from Angora Goats, white or colored. Good Corriedale sheep's wool in various grays, white, black or moorit. Longwool  and Lusterwool is also sought, particular sheep breed not important. Alpaca and Llama - colors and white.  Yak and Camel down are nice, so is Quiviut. I also use plant fibers like hemp and cotton, but most people don't grow those themselves. I want natural colors.  All fibers must be clean of dung locks, mostly free of hay and debris, and in good condition, or already washed and carded.  I pay/trade a fair price, I raised rabbits for years, and I know the work involved in producing good wool on animals.  Email me at TOAST AT FLOGGER DOT COM for more info. Please put something about "handspinning fibers" in the subject line, so I notice it.

IMsL 2007 was a great success! It was great to participate and help make it fun.  Below is a photo of Alyscia from Dark Garden Corsets beside our IMsL booth. Photo by zeedeephoto.com

Feb 23rd 2007: This is the unveiling of our new, faster, CSS web site.  We now have a new secure online payment system for customers who need utmost security and discretion. This has been a long time coming, and we hope you like the new web site as much as we do. We have always kept this web site simple because we maintain and change it ourselves. We are still doing that, but not in the old tables-based layouts of the past. Now we are CSS and XHTML based. This old dog is learning new tricks. Over time we will be redoing all the photos on these pages, as well.