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Only The Best...

How It All Began...

It takes skill and experience to craft a fine flogger. Leather is a "living" thing, and only time and experience, and one's ability to perceive results, teaches the finer points of working with it. Every step of the construction process requires attention to detail, and exacting work.

Customer Service is our highest priority. We take great pride in delivering on our promises and taking care of our customers. Happy Tails is hugely satisfying to both of us. We work together on every flogger, with our own 4 hands. We each have our own skills to contribute to each flogger we make, and are a great team. We now have over16 years of experience, unlike all the rest. 

Please play responsibly, with care and knowledge. Educate yourself! Ask questions!  If you can, please support the environment and avoid buying inferior Third World leather goods - it is the cause of a huge amount of toxic water pollution and contamination around the globe in developing nations, and some of these countries support major human rights violations, like women being murdered for perceived family honor! Cheap foreign leather also doesn't smell very good, and we have seen some that *reeked* of stinky, who-knows-what toxic chemicals used on them. Please, pay a little bit more for "clean, green" leather and help the Earth and humankind! Happy Tails only buys leather that meets that philosophical and environmental standard (we may be the only flogger company that stands by our beliefs in this way). Green, clean leather smells WAAAAYYYY better! Oh, we also don't believe in using hides from threatened exotic species, like sharks or rhinos, hippos or elephants. Kangaroos are not an endangered or threatened specie in this day and age, and our kangaroo leather is all legally taken, tanned, and used, with all required permits and licenses.